Friday, 7 December 2012

Your Car Needs A New Piston Rings

The Piston Rings are designed to maintain the cylinder and combustion pressure of an automobile. These rings prevent any oil seeping into the combustion chamber; it also helps in controlling oil pressure and regulating oil consumption. Piston Rings contains three different rings Top Compression Ring, Second Ring and Oil Control Ring these rings have different functions the top ring is known as the compression ring and is located in the first groove. This ring seals the combustion gases. Second ring is for oil control, which means it cleans the cylinder walls to ensure that no oil is burnt in combustion, and the third ring controls the oil that spills.

If your car is experiencing white or gray exhaust smoke, Excessive oil consumption, Low power for acceleration, overall loss of power or poor performance then you need to check for Piston Rings Manufacturer for inspection because these indicators are not always attributed to faulty rings.

It is advice by the auto doctors that regular oil check and on-time engine inspection can avoid badly worn rings.
Guangzhou Union Auto Parts co ltd is one of the leading Piston manufacturing companies in China. It manufactures Piston, Piston Ring & Cylinder liner for many Japanese, Korean, Chinese & European diesel engines.



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