Nanotechnology Lubricants

Nanotechnology Lubricants – A New Step in Engine Lubricants Industry

Recently Lubrita has a completely new product engine oils developed with improved technology. Lubrita introduced a product for automotive and industrial applications in various viscosities. The motor oils are identified by their specific turquoise color. Previously applied Lubrita this technology already allow transmission oil. The products are now available at Lubrita distributors (see Ever since the invention of two-and four-stroke engine lubricants and auto motor oils are essential for the smooth functioning of these engines. Without the use of lubricants would increase the life of an internal combustion engine is only limited to a few minutes. With the advent of new technologies names complexity and power of engines dramatically. This also had an effect on the lubricant industry. Better performing lubricants with a longer life were necessary. Various additives such as anti-foam, anti-wear and anti-oxidation were developed, and the life of lubricants was extended. The technology keeps improving desire to better lubricants remained. Engine manufacturers own specifications were developed to meet the higher quality requirements and (semi) synthetic base oils, such XHVI, PAO and Esters were introduced.

The development continues and the base oil and chemical industry continues to develop better products to meet the demand of better lubricants which should lead to higher levels of performance. Other elements, like the lowest possible toxicity, environmental friendliness, low emissions and good compatibility with catalytic converters are becoming increasingly important. A New Step: Nanotechnology in Lubricants Lubrita is setting a new step with the introduction of engine oils which are provided with additives based on nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is a science that deals with particles smaller than a billionth of a meter. With this technology, we can develop new materials and systems with unique features and functions. For your imagination: the size of Nano particles with respect to a soccer ball has the same ratio as the size of that football with respect to the earth. This new automatic transmission fluids and oils has already proven its effect with lots of cars tested by lubrita’s volunteers. Get more info about Lubrita newly introduced oils at