Roller Bearings

Roll the bearings like they are meant to be!

Roller blades were one of my childhood wishes; not until I found out that it was not THAT easy to bear the after-effects of learning the roller-skates (roller-blades). I fell a dozen times but still got up and strived for more! The more time I spent with my virtual yet physical friend, the more I got to know about it and liked it all the more!

The same is the case when Roller Bearings (also known as rolling-element bearings/Rolling Bearings) are manufactured to support the circular thrust and motion of the devices which will be utilizing the motion differential gained from the three portions of the bearing. The three portions of the bearings are as follows:-
- Inner ring (mostly made of stainless precision quality Steel; generally attached with a fixed part gripping the mechanism)

- Middle area consists a shaft which holds several Steel Balls that enable the actual motion between the two rings/layers

- Outer ring (also made of steel and is normally the one moving at a very fast pace)

All these portions and the excellence of manufacturers sit together and make up the overall results, or as you may call it: Performance; of the machines using the rolling Bearings. In our case, the roller blades are also put together with the same theory as discussed above, except the separate wheels on the Blades have individual bearings that allow them all to move freely. The individual action is the perfect result of the minute rollers that are fitted within the separate wheels.