What Factors foster the use of LED and HID headlamps.

As LED (Light Emission Diodes) are becoming better and more cars are equipped with LED headlamps. LED produces less heat, which results in longer life of the headlight. Lower cost is also one of the reasons of having LED headlights.

There are several factors to keep in mind when we talk about LED lamps, the very first factor that is really important when we discuss about LED headlamps, the bright light from Headlamp. Which is better than Halogen headlight which produces yellow color light, most of the people do not like this tungsten lamp kind of color and prefer to have it replaced by either HID xenon conversion kits or LED headlamps, so that their car would look much better and give it a classy look.

Other factors that affect your decision of rather getting HID or LED:
· Price
· Reliability
· Durability

Style At low end of the market the low beams are Light Emission Diodes as they are on every time, even when main (High) beam is on. Car manufacturing companies will accept this hybrid solution in the coming few years, and the majority of the companies in compact segment over next few years will be hybrid function because it is much more price-effective.
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The technology with LED headlamps is on its diminishing return. As LED light doesn’t produce much heat at its front area but from the bottom it actually burns your bulb foundation. As the power flow from battery is less than what it gets from Halogen/HID xenon lamps, the foundations gets more load of current while stopping the voltage and keeping it too low to ensure lower power consumption.

Most of the Premium cars – for example: Audi's A8 and A6 - get projector headlamps. New flagship under the umbrella of Audi – A9 is getting the most advanced headlamp which is claimed to be of lower power consumption and Cool-lamps function which will now allow the lamp to get heated and result in malfunction of the headlight.

In the mid-range, where the cars are getting LEDs, less-costly reflector designs are more likely to appear in the market as aftermarket parts.

As seen in the new Mercedes E-Class you have an LED reflector low beam which is better than the traditional projector lens and produces a bright light which is cooler than HID lamps. Whenever you need to be cost-effective, the best choice is reflector; reflectors are used for the basic model of elite cars and as options on mid-range cars. You also find projector headlamps in mid-range cars that already have it installed from factory.

Do HID Gives you Farther View on the road?

There are several benefits of HID xenon conversion kits. As experienced by users, One should have bump into a vehicle on dark stretch of route road that you might have thought was high intensity light beaming you and thought that was just another bad-mannered driver recklessly driving on the road. If truth be told it’s an automobile with HID Xenon headlight, which put in rather than the standard group lamp. because the dynamics in vehicles trade is ever-changing in terms of parts and accessories, therefore because the trend towards HID Xenon conversion kits (high intensity discharge) lights has full-grown exponentially over the past few years.

As far as cars on the road is concerned, these all are coming up with advanced technologies. It appears currently that nearly each different automobile on the road features a try of bright noble gas / white tint lights which is known as HID Xenon conversion kit. HID xenon conversion kits produce a very handsome amount of light that makes road objects more visible than traditional Halogen Lamps. So if you want to prevent yourself from accidents then HID xenon is the best choice because it gives you a farther view of objects because of its high intensity.