Ball Bearings

Ball Bearings and Bushings to keep automotive running

Just like the job of the driver is to drive the vehicle appropriately and at the correct speed, following all the traffic rules and obeying all the maintenance laws; similarly the Wheel mechanism in our vehicles has a particular pattern that it has to follow in order to stay optimal. There are a lot of parts and potions that are equally working hard to keep the flow on! The ball joints, the spindle, the ball bearings and the bushings, and the axles; all attached together to form the whole movable yet unrestricted mechanism!

To wrap it all up in simple words, the best the ball bearings in a circular alignment do is to let the two parts (the inner and the outer one) move freely without any friction against each other. The steel balls between the two walls of the bearings are constantly at work while both the layers are moving as per their own will thanks to the rolling action of the STEEL BEARING BALLS!

Steel has the property of enduring long-term pressure and not losing matter or shape of any sort. Hence the steel balls are majorly used in the bearing construction and reliability. The best part is; it actually has a scientific theory working along with it!