Monday, 29 April 2013

Automotive Aftermarket Distributors.

In the automotive aftermarket industry, the manufacturers are more inflicted to provide their distribution in other countries in order to penetrate the international markets and target their specific customers in a better way. According to manufacturers it is much safer and beneficial for both the parties to make money and presence in the markets.

A research has been conducted in 2010 in which the researcher tried to find out the trends and scenario of automotive aftermarket industry and its insights. It has been concluded in the research that most of the buyers prefer purchasing outlets or retailers over dealers or distributors in most of the regions due to the availability and trustworthiness.

For example, many brake pad suppliers prefer to have their distributors or agents in their targeted regions due to low risk involvement but the research find out that general buyers prefer to purchase from the company Owned & Operated (O &O) outlets or retailers due to high trustworthiness.

Today, if any of the manufacturer wants to have a successful network around the globe it will have to act smartly and prefer to open its owned outlet or retail. Manufacturers may also bring this into the account of their dealership contract with the distributor / dealer to open a retail with the company brand name.