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Transportation In Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol, Cyprus

Most visitors get to Limassol, Cyprus by air. The trip is much faster and easier by air so most tourists do choose to go this route.  But, if you are not worried about time then you can also go by charter boat.  It takes more time and can become exhausting.  

Of course, some people do not want to fly and do prefer a boat over a plane, so it just a choice to be made at what you want the most. Once you have reached the island there are several different decisions to be made in order to start your vacation and get around.

Renting a Car in Limassol

Getting around Limassol can also be quite fascinating especially by car.  If you give yourself the time to enjoy all the sights around you, then a car would be the best way to see the entire city.  Even the roads are beautiful and kept up on and can be a sight to see. 

There are car rental services to rent a car through as soon as you arrive.  It is probably best to call ahead and reserve a car so you can be sure to have one when you get there.  Otherwise, you may have to take a taxi or bus and can change your whole day.  With your own car you can go where you want and see what you want without any other people to worry about. 

It is nice to stop at different places and take pictures or eat at a restaurant without having a taxi or bus to worry about.  Plus, with your own rental car you can keep it for the duration of your visit and have it at any time of the day.  Exploring the entire island may be the best part of any trip and you do not want to forget the experience you can have.  Being able to travel independently is going to be best.  Make sure to get a good map so you know what roads are best to use and you do not want to get lost.   

Exploring the Island by Bus or Taxi

If a rental car is not your choice, then a taxi would be better than a bus.  Taxis are much faster and efficient compared to a bus so you can experience more for your time there.  A taxi can become a very expensive way to travel the island if you plan on going many different places. 

If you just need to go to one specific place then a taxi should be fine. A bus would be cheaper if you are going to explore the entire island and sightsee.  A bus may not stop at the specific locations you want to go to and that can put a damper on your vacation.

Try to get a bus schedule on where they are going and what is going to be the locations at which they stop.  Taxis also have a 24 hour service in Limassol so you will not have to worry about what time you go out. 

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