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A Brief History Of The Chevy Truck

Today’s truck owners have long-appreciated Chevy’s standard of durability, performance, and fuel economy. From humble beginnings as the innovators of farm and labor vehicles, to the classic era of the El Camino, to the spacious and family-suitable trucks of today, Chevy has long been a staple in the world of American truck manufacturers. The following is a brief look at the Chevy truck and the many milestones and achievements throughout its history.
The Early Years
The first Chevy trucks on record were built in 1916, and were of a simple design featuring four cylinders, cowl chassis units, and a front that was only a piece of sheet metal. The body was customarily purchased or created separately by the owner, and was usually made of wood. These early trucks were perfect for small business deliveries and travelling around town, and were typically priced at a whopping $595 dollars.
Later models (produced around 1918) were built on a truck frame, and featured a 37-horsepower engine. This model was equipped for carrying heavier loads longer distances, and could travel at the top speed legally permitted at the time: 25 mph. In the 1930’s came the first appearance of a pick-up style Chevy truck. These models, with very Roadster-like bodies and 6 cylinder engines, were widely regarded as heavy duty, reliable vehicles even at this early stage in Chevy’s development.

Mid-Century Success
Fast forward to the late 40’s: Chevy was overhauling its appearance after World War II. Customers wanted more sleek looking trucks, with more comfortable interiors. Producing new models that met these demands, like the Chevrolet Advance Design Half-Ton Pick-up, led to great success for the company. By the end of the 40’s, Chevy had become the first brand to sell over two million cars and trucks in one year.
1959 saw the first model of the El Camino, which was revamped several times between its creation and the final model produced in 1987. The “personal pick-up” truck hybrid became a favorite among truck lovers and car enthusiasts alike.
From the sixties onward, Chevrolet shifted its style toward the larger, more heavy duty trucks that we are so familiar with today. The C/K pick-up, which remained a popular model throughout the late 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s, featured a streamlined, basic styling that is evident in the contemporary Chevy designs currently on the road. Interestingly enough, this early C/K was also one of the first trucks to be marketed as a family vehicle, something that has become increasingly important to the brand.

Contemporary Designs and the Chevy of Today
The next incarnation of Chevy trucks came in the form of the first Silverado in 1999. The Silverado improved with each new release, including many new modern comfort-features like advanced sound systems, climate control, XM radio, and OnStar. Later generations included advanced engines that could deactivate four of the eight cylinders whenever possible in an effort to save the driver more fuel.
In 2013, mid-sized pick-ups are the most popular among truck owners; the dual capability of functioning as a labor vehicle as well as a family vehicle has made Chevy trucks like the new Colorado best-sellers. Many potential buyers are anxious for the newest model of the Colorado to be released in the U.S.
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