Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Cars Of The Future

Technology is constantly changing and improving to help us do tasks faster, cut down on expenses and make things less of a hassle. For instance: the first mobile phone – created in 1973 – was deemed small enough to carry around and could make phone calls. Thirty years later, cell phones – also referred to as smart phones – are able to make phone calls, send emails, search the web, play games on and pretty much do exactly what you want.

The same is true for the car industry. We started out in 1769 with steam engine automobiles capable of transporting humans. In 1806, we invented the first internal combustion engine and in 1885, we started using petrol- and diesel-fuelled internal combustion engines. The first recorded speed was clocked at 35km/h (22mp/h) in 1882 and now supercars – like the Bugatti Veyron – car reach speeds of over 400km/h (250mp/h).

Since technology is continuously evolving, where to next with vehicles? Here are four amazing cars for the future:

The BMW ZX6:

A group of college students - working closely with engineers from BMW – where asked to create a MBW for 2015. The result was the MBW ZX-6 Concept. The car cannot be compare with any other concept car created by the German manufacturers. The vehicle is a simply design with an extremely aerodynamic design. The enter design of the vehicle is very futuristic for anyone’s taste, also rather appealing. The design is like no other vehicle – particularly the doors – and critics have stated that this could be one of the best designed concept cars from the future.

Solar Powered Car:

Mihai Stamati - the designer – created a solar powered concept car big enough to carry five people comfortably. The roof is covered with solar panels that give the vehicle power and all you need to steer this spacious green vehicle is a joystick. The vehicle is fitted with ergonomic seats and an extendable table at the rear. With two motors on the back, the vehicle can move at a slow speed, less than 30 km/h, when fully extended

Magnet Car:

The Magnet Car has been declared as one of the most eco-friendly cars in the world. The designer – Matus Prochaczka – has found an unusual solution to the problem of expending fuel to get somewhere. Rather than producing a smaller vehicle, he has reduced the weight of the car by using an electrical engine with magnets from the same polarity as in roads, resulting in upward force lightens the vehicle’s weight by 50 percent. To further reduce the vehicles weight, the seats are designed from soft construction foam and fully adjustable, giving you a comfortable ride without adding kilograms.

Nissan Pivo:

This nifty little concept car is packed with futuristic technologies that will change the way we interact with our vehicles. One of them is the ability to turn the cabin around in the direction you are driving; eliminating the excessive neck cracking that accompanies reverse parking. And before you ask, yes this car can drive sideways as well. Furthermore, the vehicle has a ‘Around View Monitor’ located on the dashboard that generates a constant 360 degree view of the vehicles surroundings. Driving this car is literally as easy as pushing a button, all you need to do is place your finger on the control system to use the controls.

The future of motoring is here. Gone are the days of heavy V8 engines thundering around town, but rather, prepare yourself for an age of fuel efficiency, quiet motors and something as simply and obvious as the sun driving as forward.

 I am Greg Jones:  as a bakkie lover, I cannot wait for engineers to create a futuristic isuzu canopy that allows me to get on with my work – a construction site manager – and promote green living at the same time.