Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Ugly Car Accessories



No matter what it is, everybody wants to be unique. From baby names to the most hipster outfits imaginable, standing out seems to be what matters most.

Standing out can be good when it comes to cars, like when you have a brand new Camaro, or a first generation 1958 Corvette. Most of the time, cars aren’t standing out around town because of their value as sports cars, but rather because of their white trash value.

The ratio of white trash cars to sports cars is becoming out of hand. Avoid standing out for the wrong reasons; avoid simple mistakes that will turn even the nicest cars into white trash disasters.

The unnecessary


It’s not necessary to attach thousands of things to your car to help it stand out. If you are worried about finding your Dodge Neon in a crowded parking lot, just put a big Jazz sticker on the back window, at least that’s classier than some of the other options.

The most useless car accessory has to be the underbody neon lights. There’s no need for them. Are you trying to attract hungry customers to the spot of asphalt under your car? Leave the neon where it belongs, on restaurant signs.

Spoilers can be the perfect accessory to a great sports car, but as with anything in life, can be taken too far. Big wing spoilers will make any car look like a beater. Rein yourself in and avoid the bigger spoilers. Speaking of bigger, guys, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but there is nothing attractive about truck nuts, the bigger the worse. We get what you are trying to imply, and it’s not working. Restrain yourself from using these two unnecessary accessories.



Bumper stickers can be good. Who doesn’t want to hear the political opinion of everybody the pass on the freeway? Too many stickers can be a grave mistake. Not only can they be distracting to other drivers, but too many just look bad.

There’s nothing I hate more than driving behind someone who has a super small bumper sticker on the back of their car. If it’s on there, it must be funny right? That’s what I thought. So I had to follow dangerously close to the back of a minivan, risk my life just so I could be in on the joke that was so good, this guy had to put it on the back of his van. It wasn’t even funny. In fact, it didn’t even make sense. If he had tapped his breaks for any reason, I would have hit right into the back of him. Avoid accidents by avoiding stupid bumper stickers.

Bumper stickers aren’t the only kind of stickers that can turn any car into an instant Junker. Here are some auto body repair tips for those who have already found themselves driving a white trash car:

  • Even if you still have a dent from a wreck, that looks better than trying to force a sticker on the point of collision
  • Flames don’t look cool on any car
  • Unless you have recently driven through Detroit, you shouldn’t have bullet holes in your car, bullet stickers do not make you look cool

Get the most of out your car; don’t use too many accessories. When it comes to looking good while driving, sometimes the simplest option is the best option. Forget wasting time and money with tacky accessories, save your money so that one day you can have the real upgrades, and have the best car in town.

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By Cassie Costner

Cassie has researched how to get the most out of your car. Knowing the best auto body repair tips, she works to prevent car owners from making horrible mistakes when trying to upgrade their vehicles.