Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Motorcycle Fashion Faux Pas

As the reputation of motorcycling as a typically credible area within popular culture has grown, so has arguably the expectancy placed upon each of those who in some way interact with the pursuit.

With more and more people joining the ranks of two wheeled, whether in body or in spirit- the fundamental aspects of the related fashion are yet to change, with biker jackets selling just as well in swanky inner city outfitter stores as they do in classic motorcyclist specific retailers.

Of course, there are those who would argue that as the biker style has snowballed in popularity, there have been several cardinal sins enacted against it. Whether carried out by a designer who is in otherwise no way related to motorcycle culture or a devoted biker with a fresh outlook on things, they’re regarded as rather awful nonetheless.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most notable crimes against motorcycle fashion in recent years:

Sunglasses + Full Face Helmet

For some reason, this tends to be a look which inspires loathing in most bikers’ hearts. While many full face helmets do come with tinted visors for the very purpose of shielding a rider’s eyes from harmful UV rays, some bizarrely do not- and some people, even more bizarrely- opt to buy such helmets.

The faux pas here does not lie within the bikers wish to arm themselves against the sun, but ridiculous look which comes along with wearing tinted lenses underneath a clear visor. Just as you’re unlikely to wear both a motorcycle vest and a jacket, I would advise against a shades + clear visor combo. If it’s sunny out, wear an open face. And you can find best helmets for motorcycles from

Iridium Visors

Though the idea of active counterculture has always been one widely promoted by motorcycling and motorcyclists in general, iridium visors on helmets are felt by many to be a step towards the over-glamorous and un-needed.

Speaking from a traditionalist’s point of view, these visors (which contain iridium to give them a spectral appearance in the direct view of light) are just another step on the continuous ladder of showboating all too often associated with superbike culture and the like.

Just as brightly colored jackets for bikers are unlikely to be embraced by the old school Harley riders among you anytime soon, I fear iridium visors possess a similarly divisive future.

Camouflage Clothing

Despite sounding like the perfect integration on paper, or rather in one’s own mind- camouflage and motorcycles do not, and should not mix.

Though camouflage, since its rise in popularity within mainstream fashion two or three decades back, has been adopted as the uniform of many motorcyclists- most refuse to allow it anywhere near their individual pursuit. I for one don’t blame them.