Thursday, 28 November 2013

Famous Models of Cars

 There are quite different brands in the market of automobiles, some of them have fought very hard with each other for the sake of image, very few people knows that when Ferrari started by Mr. Enzo Ferrari in 1947 the first sport car with the model name of 125 Sport. At that time it made international records and was the number one racing car but later because of some dispute with the company companions company fall in crisis..
Then in 1963, Ferrari was challenged by V8 Model of cobra but GT won that race and it was a big loss to Ferrari manufacturers, then Germans enter in the market with their model Porsche 908 and took first place and for many years Porsche competed ruthlessly and became the most threatening opponent Ferrari ever had. People who have passion about their cars tries to purchase the best and latest model or tries to keep their old desired model upgraded.

Therefore there is a large number of automobile accessories manufacturer in the market who create things as per the people desire, most common is Head Lights. There are different types of lights available but currently the most well known and used is HID Bulbs because they are the brightest and most focused light source.

HID Bulbs technology is getting improved every day and currently the newest design is called HID Xenon Kit which comes in complete set of wires with bulbs.