Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Eve here I come with new upgrades in my car

For all who done know me I am a business development manager for Automotive parts in a B2B web portal  I have a civic eg fifth generation and working on restoring it for  a long long time, today the new ABS system has arrived from china, for a very trusted vip automotive brake pad manufacturer and brake pad suppliers, the stage is set for the party organized by my friends and ill be there in my hand stored car today, a lot of music and lot of fun is waiting tonight, I opened my brake assembly by the help of my friend who work in the nearby auto repair shop, and put all the wiring in connected some fuses and put all new connections to avoid any problem in future, installed the new kit with all four wheel disk brakes, this is surely a best choice ceramic brake pads, with tested results , cool in operation, noise free, dust free, eco friendly, with tested formulation of true organic ceramic, guaranteed heat dissipation equally. With a perfect match of copper filings. Everything installed and ready to rumble, these will keep me safe when I came back all drunk from today’s party. Hope you people also enjoy the same way, take care.

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