Friday, 10 May 2013

Bike That'll Drive You Crazy!

Love riding bike? Want to have more fun? Well there is a new kind of riding in your town. This ride is more faster, more easier & above all more fun! This is Electric Powered Bike. These bikes are electrically charged by batteries which provide assistance while riding. You can either ride them as a motor bike or paddle them as a normal bicycle; they have dual functionality.
Although these bikes are not as fast as a normal motor bike but fast enough to enjoy your ride. You can take them to your work place, or ride all the way to your school, these bikes will take you anywhere. Their battery requires charging & a fully charged battery will take you as long as 30 to 45kms.
As these bikes are electrically charged, no fuel emission is emitted making them fully eco-friendly means of transportation. They are made in different colors & attractive designs. Most of the bikes have such attractive deign that they give you a feeling as if they are animated not real. You can ride them as fast as 25kmph. This makes Electric Powered Bike a perfect choice for traveling. You can take to a smooth road or ride them all the way on rough rocky mountains. These bikes are suitable for all. People from every age group or gender can ride them as they require no traffic license. So, take your e-bike move your way forward! Happy riding!