Thursday, 27 December 2012


A piston ring is considered to be as one of the most important element and has to perform multiple very critical activities. Each piston ring in the engine has its own significance in performing the specific tasks.

A piston manufacturer has to keep certain specifications in the mind while manufacturing each piston ring and even minor changes in the specifications may create problems in result into disasters in the engine performance.

Each piston ring has its specific role. Following are the 3 the functions of the piston rings;

1. Gas Sealing

2. Heat Transfer

3. Oil Control 

The top ring is known as compression ring which holds the combustion gases into the cylinder to create the pressure so that the efficiency can be increased and transferring of heat from the piston to cylinder can be made possible.

The 2nd ring is also known as the Groove ring helps to graze the oil and stop it flowing in the combustion chamber. It also has to keep the combustion gases into the cylinder.

The 3rd and last piston ring is known as oil ring which is placed at the bottom most of all piston rings which helps in regulating the oil within the cylinder. It helps cylinder to be lubricated enough and decrease the friction.

Every auto piston manufacturers has to keep its specifications match with the piston rings otherwise your engine can never generate high performance.

Always prefer buying your vehicles’ piston, piston ring & cylinder liner from a single manufacturer so that the match can be created among all engine parts to achieve high possible performance from engine.



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