Thursday, 28 February 2013

Who Was Responsible For These 400 Deaths

Herman Evans died after spending seven days in lady marry when his brakes failed on his 2001 Ford. The car rolled three to four times in mid air and the drives along with Herman was ejected, according to the police crash report.

Evan was the fifteenth fatal brake failed- related crashes last year in the similar model of ford according to the news reports. Although in Evans accident police did not find any evidence that could show that there was any fault in the brakes of ford model.

But from 2002 to 2009 there were 375 deaths reported with the similar crash history in the similar model of ford, when federal fatality data was analyzed by the research firm named Quality Control Systems, it was clear that the ford was sourcing the brake pads for that model from the vender who does all the manufacturing in India, Despite the brake parts were tested and passed all the quality checks and holds all the certification.

They fail to comply in the real, when they were most needed to fulfill the function of emergency stop.

The raw material used work just fine in normal temperatures, work even better when the brake pads are over heated in normal driving conditions. but it was the unique property of the element used in the lining that in reacts to metal in below zero temperature and emits an anti friction secretion that cause the near 400 deaths in cold regions of US.

Thus the point of sharing this unique news was to make you understand the importance of raw material used in a brake pads by the brake pad supplier. Always source parts for your vehicle from a credible source and do check the quality standards that a product has.