Wednesday, 27 February 2013

How HID Xenon Conversion Kits Work?

HID xenon conversion kits have the bulbs which include Xenon noble gas which provides brighter light than traditional Halogen yellow color light. HID xenon is also called Large Intensity Discharge lamps, or HID, Xenon light also equipped with an electronic jumper and digital ballast to start up.

HID Xenon conversion kits are equipped with Bulbs, Ballasts and Harness cabling. HID ballast is the most important component because it converts and controls the large energy that fills and supplies the bulbs with power and voltage. The ballast also controls the flow of power. There are two types of Ballasts available in the market i.e. AC and DC. AC ballast is more reliable because it produces more stable current than DC ballast. There is fluctuation of current in the DC ballasts. The ballast also controls the flow of power. If there is any problem in the ballast it could result in the explosion in bulbs. So the ballasts are made up with the best material to make sure that the kits runs for a longer period of time.

Xenon light bulbs are easily available in market as replacement for Halogen bulbs but it is not preferred that you retrofit the xenon bulbs with halogen because it will produce glare in the light and it could make oncoming traffic blind.