Monday, 18 March 2013


HID xenon conversion kits use noble gas Xenon which generally produces bluish color light. HID xenon conversion kits are made up with a pair of xenon bulbs, two digital ballasts and harness cabling. HID conversion kits include an installation guide; with help of installation guide you can install HID kit by yourself. But it is least preferred that you install it by yourself until and unless you have the technical knowledge about installing headlamps. It is recommended that you consult a technician to make it fixed it will just cost you just few bucks. Retrofitting of HID xenon conversion kits are not allowed in major countries like UK, USA, and Canada and in European countries.

HID xenon conversion kits are available in different types. For Elite class cars like BMW, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Ford etc, you need to have a CANBUS Canceller which allows you to install HID xenon kits. With the help of CANBUS Canceller you can defeat the computer system installation restriction. In CANBUS System you cannot install aftermarket products, you have to install factory products to get the products be recognized by the system; but with CANBUS Canceller you can do it easily and aftermarket products are cheaper than the factory (branded) products