Friday, 24 May 2013

Auto Hid Trade Show

HID Xenon Conversion Kits And it Demand Growing in The Market

Auto LED bulbs are the most familiar in the market these days. LED bulbs are famous because of their brighter light and lower power consumption. It is said that LED lights are the coolest lights available in the market in terms of temperature. But it is not true that LED lights are always cool and cannot get burnt. If you have a look at the downside circuit of the LED bulbs which is called LED panel, it gets warmer and warmer as the duration is extended to a level of 5-6 hours lighting up. LED bulbs are using light emitting diodes which provide cool temperature to bulbs but the basic panel gets warm. LED lights are used in mostly new cars these days to give them a different look. Even the CCFL angel eyes concept is changing now and companies and manufacturers are using LEDs instead of using CCFL technology which is more or less obsolete now. So if you have longer drive patterns in your daily life then LED lights are not suitable but if you talk about normal daily use then LED lights are the best choice and you can get your halogen bulbs replaced with the LED bulbs easily. LED bulbs also uses the same holder type as it is used in halogen.

HID xenon conversion kits are the most adopted product in the automotive industry in terms of getting replaced the halogen bulbs. HID xenon conversion kits are equipped with two ballasts and a pair of bulbs. These pair of bulbs is filled with Xenon gas which is responsible for the bright light. Xenon produces a very high intensity light that is why it is called high intensity discharge light. High intensity discharge light is the brighter light which is used in cars in different colors, e.g. White, Blue, Purple, Pink etc. it is the most demanded product in the market as far as its demand is concerned. And according to our information HID xenon kits are replaced by most of the people and they replace their halogen bulbs and get it replaced with HID xenon conversion kits. HID xenon conversion kits are available in different types for different type of cars. HID xenon conversion kits can be installed in most of the cars from 1995 onwards models as they all are compatible with the latest type of bulbs which can be fitted easily in the headlamp.