Monday, 18 March 2013

B2B Buyers from International tradeshow

Aluminum Composite Panel is having a high demand in international and local market, and you can find its buyers easily. Today I will be sharing an experience of entertaining one buyer from international tradeshow which we visited in 2009.

Our company is located in China Guangzhou and the trade show which we have decided to visit was Canton fair 2009 also organized at the same location where my company was. So it was easy for us to visit the fair.

We had many visitors who were interested to know about our Aluminum Composite Panel and few of them were also ready to visit our factory indeed. There we had buyers from KSA, UAE, Egypt, Philippines, China, Thailand, USA, UK etc.

Among many potential buyers there was one of the buyer from Egypt, who seemed to have many projects in hand and was searching different suppliers from the tradeshow, his basic aim was to get the best quality with the minimum price, just like the other. He was also having an analysis of market at the same very time, in order to finalize the supplier.

After visiting our stall and knowing about the price, he seemed to be interested in our company and decided to visit our factory too. We welcomed him warmly and after a week he had a chance to visit us. We showed him all our production methods, and after viewing the samples, he was satisfied to place his orders in our company.

Now in 2013, since last 4 years, we are still entertaining and satisfying the same buyer from Egypt and are having a nice business relation too.