Friday, 1 March 2013

Brake Pad For F1

Although Asbestos brake pads were banned in Canada years ago but still Statistics reports of Canada shows that more that 2.6 million dollars worth of brake pads that contains asbestos entered in the county, Brake pads manufacturers in Canada are legally bound by safety legislation not to include any material that can be harmful for humans. But all the imports coming from all around the world, government just don’t know whether the brake pad contain asbestos or not due to improper labeling.

Mechanics are exposed to the brake dust caused by “asbestos brake pads” which causes lungs cancer.

According to the Association ”Worker compensation board of Canada” Fifty eight auto mechanics died of asbestos-related diseases between 1996 & 2010. Doctor groves told that when an individual is exposed to the dust of asbestos on regular basis it causes lung cancer.

Mechanics should use a mask whenever they are exposed to any kind of brake work of vehicle.

Therefore I recommend the vehicle owners to use Non-Asbestos brake pads and source it from a reliable brake pad supplier.