Friday, 29 March 2013

Brake Pads For Sports Bikes

Contamination always is not negative specially when we are talking about brake pads it has two meanings, first it can mean that contaminated friction surface that changes friction level and performance. Second I can mean that contamination in environment that can harm the surroundings due to break dust.

How a component used as a friction material shear, real and slide during braking can determine a brake pads friction level, noise and wear characteristics, generally this friction level is shared by the brake pad supplier. The brakes may require 20 different raw materials; some are abrasive while others are lubricated. Some components like fibers and resin holds the pad leather and grind together while other components changes the friction labels through various temperature ranges.

There are two types of friction similarly as discussed earlier, Abrasive and Adherent by adherent or adhesives I mean pad material forms a very thin layer of pad material which is on surface of the rotor which generates friction while breaking or shearing the bonds in the pad.

So source the pads with respect to their better friction levels and heat tolerance power and this all depends upon the brake pad supplier you have chosen for your unique braking purpose.