Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How to Properly Install HID Conversion Kits?

It is very easy to install HID conversion kits but it might put you on risk! It is recommended that you consult an automobile technician to properly install hid xenon conversion kits. Retrofitting is not allowed in some countries. Retrofit is that you replace your halogen bulbs with xenon light bulbs which is considered to be replaced actually with the whole headlamp.

As normal car headlamp is made to use with halogen bulb and the headlamp is not heat sensitive, so it is preferred that you replace the headlamp accordingly to work with Xenon light bulbs.

There are seven easy steps that you can follow to install HID conversion kits:

Step 1: Open the bonnet.

Step 2: Locate the lamp hole to alter.

Step 3: Open the internal lamp cap.

Step 4: Get rid of your previous halogen bulbs.

Step 5: Now insert the Xenon light bulbs you bought from our site and plug it within the light slots and resolve them.

Step 6: Connect the cables connection with HID Ballast. Step 7: Attach the ballast with glue and correct it within the inner of the bonnet.