Monday, 11 March 2013

Organic Brake Pads Uses

Every now and then when I suggest people to use organic brake pads they always ask me what are organic brake pads here is the answer for all who have the same question popping in their mind while reading the top lines of this article, Organic brake pads are made up of fibers mixed with fillers and binding resin to hold the formula together, every brake pad supplier, manufacturer has its own registered formula, some of the components which are commonly found in organic brake pads are glass, Kevlar and carbon. Enthusiasts consider it that organic brake pads have a mild effect on their driving experience, Organic braking experience tends to be more softer easier on rotors and they don’t make much noise. In many parts of the world including USA most OEMs ship organic brake pads for new cars because they do not produce a lot of heat friction or bite.
Therefore they are safe to use in various environments. These pads give comfort but they can only handle limited temperature range, once they reach their maximum operating temperature they will immediately lose their compound and the biding agent will start losing the grip on other materials causing serious damages to brake pads and burring up very quickly