Wednesday, 24 April 2013

HID VS LED Headlight

HID xenon conversion kits are used in cars as replacement of the halogen headlamps. As halogen produces yellow light color so mostly people change it with HID because they prefer bright light than yellow traditional light. There are many advantages of HID xenon conversion kits. As HID xenon produces more bright light so, you can easily see farther when on highway and this could prevent the loss of the animals which come along in the way of traffic in the dark. The advantage of these systems is the amount of light produced relative to the power and the battery used. HID xenon kits are widely used in automobile industry; HID Xenon kits produce more light using less electricity. Auto manufacturers and car companies now and sell HID xenon headlamps see this as a way of reducing carbon dioxide emissions as the car's engine works less to produce the required amount of electricity which is required to light up the HID Xenon lamp.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lamps are not so commonly adapted by the automobile manufactures as till now. Although we have seen few applications in turn signal, brake light, tail light, interior light and accessory lights. This new system has seen little application in the headlight market for now but the chances are that automobile manufacturers would be focusing on the LED usage in their headlamps in near future. And predictions are that LED headlamps will surpass HID Xenon conversions in coming days.