Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Purchasing private number plates for your vehicles

If you want to gift personal number plates to your dear ones, they will simply be elated with you. The private plates help to show off your thought and care in a unique way. Your loved ones do not have to own a car for getting the private registration. It is because the private registration number can be held on a certificate for an indefinite period and can be allotted to a vehicle when it is ready. This is the perfect gift choice for a youngster who has not yet owned his or her first vehicle. This exclusive gift will last forever and will make the special events of your loved ones unforgettable. The private registration number will make a grand gesture of your affection to your beloved, friend or a family member. Let’s check out the ways for purchasing private plates.
Past and the present overview

Purchasing private number plates were previously associated with the rich. They also associate with those people who want to show off their success in the world. Nevertheless in the fast world of today, the popularity of private plates has raised to a great extent. These days you can spot almost everybody on the road with personal name plates. Private plates are appreciated by people from various walks of life as they help to give the vehicle owners a unique feel.
Considerations before purchase
You can choose from several private plates available in the market. Some inspire to put the initials of their names or birthdays. Many cost-effective solutions are also available online. Remember that while purchasing your vehicle registration number, you have to provide the name of your nominee. While buying a private car registration as a gift, always be sure to check that the name was correct at the time of placing orders.
Matching number with vehicle
You have to keep in mind certain things while selecting your personal number plate. You have to look into the fact that the private number plate is perfectly matching your vehicle. As per the law, it is stated that a car can look older but can never appear to be new. In order to take an instance, if you have a “56” registered car, you can allot a “52” registration number. Moreover you can opt for prefix or suffix registration like registration with “P”. However, you cannot assign a newer “56” registration plate number to your vehicle. The personal plates can also be allotted to motorbikes. You can search for various registration numbers to suit the right one for your vehicle.
Paying the transfer fee
Remember that while buying private plate, you also have to pay a transfer fee. This fee is set by the DVLA for covering the cost of assigning plates for your vehicles. You also have to pay this fee if you want to transfer the registration from one vehicle to another. Moreover you can put your vehicle number on retention.
Assigning new plates to vehicles
Assigning new number plate to a vehicle is not very simple and easy. You can get full instructions on the reverse side of your registration certificate.  You can send applications by post. Nevertheless, the best option is to make the application personally by visiting your local DVLA. You need to have V5 Logbook, photocopy of tax disc and also a copy of the MOT while assigning registration. Your updated log book will be sent later on from DVLA. After that you have to produce your acrylic number plates and fix them to your cars. You can then be ready for displaying your new registration plates with pride.
About the author:
Kent Charlie is associated with a vehicle registration agency that also deals with the private number plate designs. He has also been writing for many online publications on a freelance basis. Kent loves travelling and adventure riding, which he often does alone. Collecting heritage car number plates is one of his favourites and he takes pride of that.