Thursday, 25 April 2013

Make money with personal number plates

Investors always look for new ways of diversifying their portfolio. Many people take a break from share markets and focus their attention on private registration numbers. Investing in personal number plates may seem strange for securing your future. However the rise in the popularity of private plates offers generous returns on initial expenditure.

The main reason for sale

The primary reason for selling a personal registration plate is its uniqueness. As a result of which the number plate investors are constantly looking for the best name plates with low digit dateless numbers. If you can buy them at the right price, your registration plates can bring you massive returns in future. It is because of this that the buyers often look for a perfect plate design.

Opting for a good deal

If it’s a good deal, you can make the profit in the purchase price. Purchasing cheap plates below the market price can enhance your chance of making good return when you are selling them again. While purchasing a plate for your investment, you should look for registration number that is easy to put up for sale. Always try to pick up a number plate with popular initials. You can also choose a plate that reflects a name or a word. Some of the poor initials like X or V are cheap for purchasing but the chance of selling these number plates with poor initials are very low.

Various places of purchase

You can get several places for finding cheap plates. Many people also purchase cars having personal number plates on them. If the car registration numbers do not have any importance to the new owners, they often sell the registration number plates at reasonable rates. Moreover you can check out the local newspapers and classified ads for finding plates at cheap prices. You can also buy plates from people who are leaving their own country and are looking for selling their plates quickly.

Grabbing deal from DVLA auction

The best place for grabbing a personal number plate deal is DVLA auction. In such an event DVLA registrations go on to number plate dealers, collectors and various other enthusiasts. All personal number plates for public sale are not released beforehand as the potential buyers pay wholesale prices for the sake of registration.

Advantage of auction bidding service

You will get classic dateless registrations, suffix as well as prefix registration numbers in the auction. The DVLA auctions are arranged after every few months with the dealers of private number plate. The auction bidding service helps you to remove the hassle of attending auctions yourself. As you do not have to attend the auction, you can save much of the associated cost involved with it.

Cashing investment through private dealers

You can simply cash your investment by selling your plates through private number plate dealers. Some dealers offer free valuation as well as selling services to their customers. The valuation takes into consideration many factors like previous sale price, popularly of the initials on number plates and lots other things. You can sell the private registration number when it is still assigned to your car or while it is being held on retention certificate.

Transfer number before completing the deal

Therefore if you want to sell your car and want to keep its registration number at its best, you should transfer the number before completing your deal. If you have not transferred the number, the new registered car keeper has every legal right to its registration. In fact the new registered keeper can also refuse to give back your registration. The applications for retaining registration numbers take about 2-3 weeks of time for getting completed. So keep this in mind while selling your vehicle.

About the author:
Kent Charlie is associated with a vehicle registration agency that also deals with the personal number plate designs. He has also been writing for many online publications on a freelance basis. Kent loves travelling and adventure riding, which he often does alone. Collecting heritage car number plates is one of his favourites and he takes pride of that.

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