Thursday, 25 April 2013

How Important Is Four Wheel Drive In A Car?

For drivers who want power, torque, and stability, a four wheel drive car might be just what you are looking for; but, depending on where you live, where and how often you drive, and the conditions that you drive in, you have to ask yourself if it is really necessary to spend more for that power. In certain areas, and for certain driving situations, it is worth spending more for the four wheel drive; in other situations, and for other drivers, it might not be worth spending the money, and having to spend far more in gas, to go with four wheel, as opposed to a two wheel drive vehicle when you are ready to buy a new car of choice.

The road conditions -
If you are debating between two and four wheel, some things that a four wheel drive will better handle includes:
- Wet, slippery, and hazardous road conditions.
- Snow, or other similar weather, especially if you are driving for extended periods of time.
- Twists and turns, and uneven road conditions; and,
- Bumpy roads, where you are not aware of what might come next.
With four wheel drive, you have more engine power, and you have more traction and stability, since all four, rather than just two wheels are working. So, you are going to find it much easier to maneuver in these situations, and you are going to find that if you want optimal safety, and security on the road at all times, four wheel drive might be the option for you to go with when you are buying your new car.

The power -
If you need more engine power, whether it is for work, or simply to carry more weight on a regular basis (because of the type of car, and number of people that ride in it), four wheel drive should also be considered over a two wheel drive vehicle. Four wheel drive is going to exert more force from the engine; that fact, along with the fact that all wheels are working, as opposed to just the front or rear wheels, makes it easier for the car to move with less effort, and less acceleration from the driver. When you need to carry heavy loads, or if you constantly have plenty of weight in the car, then a four wheel drive car might be something to consider when you are ready to buy.

Steering and stability -
Along with the road and weather conditions, if you want optimal safety for your kids, family, and yourself on the road, then a four wheel drive might also be the choice you go with when you are buying a new car. It really is a personal choice, but for those who do not want to leave it up to chance, four wheel drive puts you in complete control. If you make a sharp turn, or if you have to make a rash move on the road, your four wheel drive car is going to handle far better than the two wheel drive car will. Of course the way you drive, and how careful you are obviously play a role in this as well; but, with all wheels working for you, your car is more balanced, in turn, you can feel safer when you are on the road.

The type of car -
Depending on what you drive, a four wheel drive might not be worth the extra money, or extra fuel you are going to be burning. If it is a small sedan, that is close to the ground, and only used for limited purposes, you might want to really consider if spending more, is in your best interest. These cars generally handle well, in any weather and road condition, so you should reconsider overspending on them. But, if you are going to buy an SUV that is higher up off the ground, and needs more stability, or if you are buying a pickup for work, and need something that is going to have optimal power, each time you touch the accelerator, then four wheel drive might be in your best interest. It is really something the driver has to consider, you have to think about the type of car you are going to buy, and you of course have to consider the use for that vehicle. In certain instances it is worth it, and drivers are more than happy to spend more, in other situations it might not be worth spending the extra cash, and overspending on gas, especially when the car is used for such limited purposes.

The way you drive -
Of course if you are a learner driver, and take every precaution necessary on the road, a two wheel drive car might suffice for you; even in hazardous and dangerous situations. If you have to think quickly on the road, are driving in dark conditions, never know when you are going to drive, or where you will have to go, then you may want to consider the four wheel drive. It is a personal choice, but drivers really have to consider the use, and the type of use the vehicle is going to undergo, to determine if the additional stability is worth the price you pay for it, and if the road conditions they are driving on really require a four wheel drive, over a two wheel drive car.

These are some of the many questions you have to ask yourself, as you are trying to decide on the vehicle you are going to buy, and as you are debating whether to buy two wheel or four wheel drive. Regardless of how you look at it, four wheel offers more stability, control, traction, and power. But, depending on the situations, the use, and the additional factors that are stated here, in many cases drivers are going to feel safe in a two wheel drive car, if they are on safe roads, are safe drivers, and only drive in limited situations with the vehicle that they are planning on buying.

Kent Richards is a petrol head from Melbourne Australia. He’s currently on the market for a new car.