Friday, 19 April 2013

New Developments In Car Headlamps

As the trends are changing and automobile industry has evolved with so many advancements. In HID Xenon conversion kits there was only AC and DC concept and Elite class cars having CANBUS systems could not be able to install these HID Kits because they have a computer system installed which allows only factory products to be installed and if you want to install any part then you have to find the CANBUS compatible part for these kind of elite cars, it includes: BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc.

But with the new developments in HID xenon conversion kits and auto HID Projectors lenses, now you can install these kits with CANBUS Cancellers. These Canbus cancellers allow you to install HID projector lens and HID xenon conversion kits easily because these are canbus compatible kits, having a chip installed which cancels the effect of Canbus system of having only factory parts or accessories. It is not only confined to HID Xenon conversion kits and HID Projector lenses, now you can also follow the same practice with Auto LED bulbs which are also coming with this canbus canceller technology, this solution is now widely applied in the automobile industry and it’s a success in the automobile industry so far.