Friday, 12 April 2013

Resilience of Technology in Automobiles and Bikes

Technology has changed the dimension in every aspect of life; things which took hours of time can now be performed in minutes or even in seconds. The automobile sector has gained a good share of the inclusion of technology too and has been on a continuous replacement node. Newer and innovative technologies are introduced into the vehicles and motor bikes as well, one of the biggest concern that is still causing troubles to these manufacturers is the fuel consumption, there is no doubt that sufficient improvements have been made to rake out this issue but still the modernization is under way, first the introduction of electronic fuel ignition and then hybrid fueling system and now the technology has imparted all the barriers to reach a landmark of electronic based vehicle propelling.

The first electronic vehicle was introduced in Japan that was completely based on the engine that fetched its power from electronic battery, and now the innovation has disseminate every hurdle and infused itself into the motor bikes as well. Now you can locate any electric bike manufacturers easily by a single click on internet, the electronic bikes are getting popular with the passage of time as better alternatives to fuel have been proposed by the manufacturers.