Monday, 15 April 2013

How To Replace Headlamp

It is very easy to install HID xenon kits with your factory installed headlamp. You just have to follow some basic steps to do it. You must carry your tool box to avoid any inconvenience when you are about to perform installation, some plastic tape, glue, screw drivers will help to change headlamp.

There are merely ten steps to change/ replace your headlamp with Xenon bulbs.

Step: 1 Detach all the electrical connection from the back side of the halogen/xenon bulb. In most of the cars you will have to squeeze the connector to release it.

Step: 2 Remove protective rubber cover from the headlamp.

Step: 3 Locate wires which hold the bulb. Each side of the wire is held in by a screw.

Step: 4 Press the wire in and up as opposite the screw. The wire should now spin around freely away from the bulb. You can now take away the bulb.

Step: 5 Hold the wire aside so you can place the new bulb into the headlamp. Make sure the bulb is in proper condition and not fused.

Step: 6
Move backward and forward the wire back into place. Press in on the wire and lock it back in place.

Step: 7 Put back the protective cover.

Step: 8 Reconnect the electrical connections which were replaced initially. Step: 9 Turn on the lights to check the bulb, whether working or not. Troubleshooting:
Step: 10 Enjoy the ride, love the ending