Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What Is A Saloon Car?

Australian buyers looking for a new car, and considering a small car, will find the saloon car to be the ideal choice. The saloon car is what is referred to in the US as a sedan, or a hatchback car (which is a sedan with the third door that lifts from the back). It has the A, B, and C pillar design, with distinct compartments for the engine, the passenger space, and for the cargo space. The cargo space is generally in the rear of the vehicle, however there are a few models that have the rear engine, and have the cargo space configured at the front end of the vehicle. Regardless of the style you choose, or what you are looking for, there are several distinct styles to choose from in the saloon class, and today with more and more manufacturers shipping cars to the Australian and the UK market, from the US and Asia, more and more styles are becoming readily available to the buyers who are looking for a new car in the market today.

General use -
The saloon car is a general, everyday use vehicle. It is a great choice for families with children, for individuals who are looking for a car that is great for everyday commute, and for something that is economical. Not only does it provide passenger seating, as well as cargo space if you need storage, you are also going to find that there are different styles and sizes to choose from in this class, for drivers who are looking for an everyday commuted car, and a vehicle that can be used for work and recreational purposes. The saloon car is a great choice for those who are looking for safety, security, and reliability; it is also a great choice for those who are searching for something that is economical, is going to save in fuel, and is going to provide a car that can be used for any purpose. It is a general purpose car, can be a great choice for families, and can make for a great commuter car, for those who are looking for something a little more economical.

Layout -
The saloon car, or the sedan, has the front engine compartment, and has seating for at least four passengers, and the trunk (or cargo) area that is used for storage. Depending on the layout, there are different sedan styles, including hatchbacks that have an entire backside of the vehicle that lifts, as opposed to the trunk only being used for storage. The hatchback style is also known as a five door sedan, since the entire back door opens, and the storage area can be used for additional seating, depending on the configuration of the vehicle. There are two door models, but these are rare, as most saloon cars are four door models, with two doors on the driver and the passenger side of the vehicle.

Who uses these cars -
The saloon is possibly the most purchased car in the US, as well as in worldwide markets. Due to the safety, the low cost of maintenance, the low operational and fuel cost, and the fact that they are easy to care for, they are a very popular choice vehicle. They are also great for families that have more than one child, but do not require additional third row seating, which the SUV is going to provide. With a smaller engine size, more mileage per gallon of fuel, and a simple configuration, the saloon is one of the most purchased vehicles for families and for individuals
who are purchasing a new car. Most comfortably seat five people (including the driver) and certain saloon cars can seat six comfortably, making them a great passenger car.

Styles and features -
Today with more and more manufacturers introducing luxury features, new styles and new features in their vehicles, there are several options for drivers who are looking for a new saloon car. Whether you choose a base package, or something with all power settings, and the latest safety features, there are so many choices for those who are shopping for a new vehicle, and are looking for one in this category. With more vehicles being sent over to the UK and Australian market, there are also more styles of saloon cars available to drivers today, than there were only a few years ago. So, in addition to buyers having more options as far as luxuries and features, they also have more options in terms of the manufacturer they can purchase from, the price they are going to spend, and what they are looking for, when choosing a new car for social occasions, or a car that is going to be used for daily commute to and from work each day.

Safety -

The saloon style car is safer, and with more safety features being introduced by manufacturers regularly, drivers can feel even safer when they choose a new model today. With new design features, optional safety features, and a low platform base, the car has little possibility of flipping over in an accident, and passengers have more airbags and features than ever before, so both front seat as well as backseat passengers are going to be safe, if the car is involved in an accident. Depending on the budget, and the features you choose, you can find a very safe setting, when you purchase a saloon car today.

If you are shopping for something affordable, economical, and a vehicle that is easy to drive and maintain, the saloon is a great car to purchase. Today, with more overseas shipping, buyers in all markets have several options, features, and manufacturer name brands to choose from, when purchasing these cars. And, with more overseas sales, and more vehicles being shipped over to other markets, buyers who are purchasing a new saloon car are going to pay less, and have more affordability to choose from, since they have more than one option when it comes to the brand name.

Jeff Smith commutes into Melbourne every day in his Mitsubishi Lancer. He’s currently thinking of upgrading his car.