Thursday, 23 May 2013

Acessorizing Your Truck

Sitting in your mighty impressive heavy duty truck gives a surge of pride and power like nothing else. Knowing that at any time a person chooses or needs to, a big truck can run off road and then right back onto the road without nary a scratch satisfies the soul. Accessorizing your truck makes it comfy and personal.

Deflectors and Shields

Vent shades act as shields and come in a variety of styles and sizes. Looking like a set of boomerangs from the Australian Outback these slivers of plastic give choices. Installing one across the top of the windows allows the window to remain open during soft summer rains without getting wet on the inside. Living in a hot or humid area the shields allow the window to remain open.

Deflectors funnel the air and protect expensive parts of the truck. Often used on the front of a truck the deflector lets bugs fly around the air stream as the truck moves. It also adds protection in case tree limbs or stray rocks suddenly jump up to attack the vehicle. It defends against significant damage plus deflectors are easy to replace.

Performance Programmers

Touch screen tuning devices for specific trucks are on the market. These devices have data logging features that record fuel use, idle levels, shift points and many of the external sensors. A diagnostic code reader analyzes or clears computer codes the truck puts out as alerts. Devices do connect to the Internet and update. Some of the programmers even have downloads.

Running Boards and Steps

Truck doors are much higher off the ground than most cars. Sometimes a person needs some help entering such a magnificent marvelous modern piece of engineering. A simple tire step with a small step helps bridge the difference. Hitch steps exist that have a loop to fit over the top of a tire letting you step up to fix or wash the hood or windshield easily. Running boards fit the length of the vehicle on the side under the door frame. It gives a longer step up for the truck bed or into the truck itself.

Tonneau Covers

Most trucks come with an open bed. Depending on the job or lifestyle sometimes a closed bed is needed to keep private things private. A cover of durable material fits flush over the back of the truck bed. Some covers come as trifold giving easier access allowing it to open in sections.


Extra grilles protect the front of the truck from bumps or lessen the damage during an accident. Grilles have tough steel tubing that extend many inches in front of the trucks original grille. It forms a frame work that puts space from the front grill to whatever object may be hit. Also, higher quality than original grille panels can become inserted into the vehicles present grille space. The same is true for the grille assembly. It too can become replaced with assorted higher quality materials.

Riding down the freeway with the wind blowing through the cab is one of life’s little pleasures. Why not make it a bigger pleasure and accessorize the truck with your personality? It will make it easier to find in one of those large parking lots.

San Antonio native Brenton Nallie is a car enthusiast who enjoys writing for about different truck gadgets.