Friday, 24 May 2013

Infographic: OC Car Accidents

Proper operation of a motor vehicle should be a concern for all teens and adults who drive. This concern should also be shared by others who utilize roads, streets and highways. People who walk, bike, and ride in vehicles as passengers are also subject to the effects of proper and improper driving. Chris Purcell is an Orange County attorney with local offices in the Southern California cities of Irvine and Santa Ana. He has authored a new infographic about car accidents in the county. The data discussed below and in the graphic was sourced from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) website. Thousands of traffic accident injuries occurred in Orange County during 2010. Unfortunately, approximately one-hundred of these resulted in a human fatality. Many pedestrians may also not be aware of the danger they face when traveling on Orange County roads. According to the infographic, around 6% of the traffic accident injuries were experienced by pedestrians. Many locals may be wondering which cities are the worst for car accidents. In 2010, Anaheim and Santa Ana experienced the most car wrecks of all cities in the county. On a positive note, readers may be surprised to learn that Orange County crashes resulting in fatalities have sharply declined during the last decade. Feel free to share this OC infographic with your friends, family and loved ones of driving age. Safe driving and safe roads are a shared responsibility.

Accident Attorney Chris Purcell has been standing up for justice for over 20 years, representing individuals and families in their fight against unfair insurance companies and large corporations.