Friday, 10 May 2013

Car Crushing Process

Large rocks are broken down into small and even fine rock by heavy mechanical machines. These machines are jaw crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, compound crusher, horizontal shaft impactor, vertical shaft impactor, and mineral sizer. The jaw crushing machines are used most often and jaw crushing suppliers are able to produce these machines in short amount of time.

The jaw crusher has the ability to grind rocks with hardness quality in range of soft to hard, there is no abrasion limit that is hardness of rock does not matters. Jaw crusher can crush only rocks which are dry or slightly wet, if the rock is slightly wet the effectiveness of grinding will decrease. The jaw crusher suppliers do keep this factor in mind and do not recommend the use of jaw crusher at places which are prone to rain, they do this to gain customer confidence.

The main use of jaw crusher is in mining, grinding of sand or gravels in construction industry. The jaw crusher suppliers focuses there sales and marketing department in countries such as Pakistan, China, Brazil, Australia and South Africa. The mentioned countries have large deposit of minerals and coal which are embedded under huge rocks. Therefore jaw crushers are used to grind rocks and make tunnels through the mountain to improve logistics and to facilitate the extraction of minerals and coal deposits.