Monday, 13 May 2013

Five Common Causes Of Car Windshield Cracks

Having a crack in your windshield is a nuisance to say the least. In the worst case scenario it renders the car undrivable until the windshield is replaced. Whether or not you will be able to drive vehicle depends on how much damage has been done to the windshield and how clearly you are able to see out of it when you drive. If the damage is minor it may be possible to repair it before it gets any worse. However, if the damage is moderate or major it is likely that you will have to replace the windshield before you can safely drive the automobile. There are typically five main causes of windshield damage: damage from road debris, storm damage, accidents, cracks, and impurities in the glass.

Damage from debris

Damage from debris is probably the most abundant type of windshield damage that occurs. This type of damage can range anywhere from small cracks in the windshield which are almost unnoticeable to severe windshield damage that requires immediate replacement. Unfortunately, debris in the road is something that must be constantly dealt with. If another vehicle strikes the debris there is a possibility that it may come back and strike the vehicle following it.

Damage from storms

Windshields that are damaged as a result of storms are often among some of the most heavily damaged. Many times this is the result of extremely large hailstones striking the windshield and shattering it. If the storm is severe enough the windshield and the other windows on the automobile may be completely destroyed, necessitating that the glass be replaced before the vehicle can be safely driven.


Windshields are often damaged as a result of an accident. If the accident is severe enough to severely damage the glass there is a good possibility that major damage has occurred to other components of the car, often rendering it undrivable. The windshield can be damaged from direct impact or indirectly as forces that are associated with the accident cause a twisting motion on the vehicle, thereby shattering the glass.

Heating and cooling of the windshield

It is extremely difficult to keep a windshield completely free from tiny cracks. Even small rocks that strike the windshield while driving can cause the windshield to suffer cracks. Regardless of how small or insignificant these cracks may seem, the repeated heating and cooling of the windshield as the vehicle sits outside causes the glass to expand and contract. This in turn causes the small cracks to grow in size.

Impurities in the glass

Occasionally impurities in the glass will cause a weak spot to form in the windshield. While this does not occur frequently, if it does occur it can eventually cause the windshield to fail in that location. Cracks may thereby form near the weak spot over a long period of time.

Damage to the windshield can occur from a variety of reasons. While it may be through no fault of your own, something can happen at the most inconvenient time. If you notice any cracks, have them repaired immediately before they get big enough that you have to replace the entire windshield.

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