Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Five Trucker-Friendly Tips for Saving Money on the Road

There’s nothing like the freedom of the open road. A person lucky enough to be employed driving a vehicle across the nations highways and byways is free from the nine to five grind most people have to endure. It’s an eclectic life that offers pay, structure and freedom all at once. However, like most people getting a bit ahead of the game financially can be challenging. The challenge increases when a person is constantly traveling. There are a few tips for saving money when your job driving a rig.
Just like driving into a new area requires a map and a bit of planning, saving money is no different. The map of saving money is called a budget. Look at what you’re earning on a week to week basis and break it down to a day by day basis. This should give you a clear picture of what you can afford to spend every day. Interested in saving a bit more? Then tighten the belt and spend a couple of dollars less a day. A pretty simple straight ahead tip but not a practice everyone is used to in these days of easy plastic spending.
1. Cooking for Yourself
One obvious place that can produce big savings is cooking at home instead of eating at restaurants. Not an easy task to accomplish when your real home is on the road but with a simple power inverter and a twenty five dollar hot pot you can be cooking stews, pasta meals and rice while on the go. Having some basic cooking gear on board also gives you the ability to make healthy choices that your local truck stop might just not be offering. Skipping a restaurant meal or two every now and then will go a long way to keeping dough in your wallet.
2. Don’t Pay for Wi-Fi
You can throw your money to the folks that charge for Wi-Fi or you can download a simple free app for your phone and will locate free Wi-Fi hotspots wherever you find yourself. Even though the number of pay per use hotspots have declined in recent years they are still out there and happy to take your money for a little web surfing. Heading to a free hotspot will save a few bucks and saving a few bucks a day adds up to a lot of bucks at the end of the year.
3. Don’t be Afraid to be Cheap
What this means is that you don’t have to play the big shot by laying out the big bucks when there are savings to be had by using a little common sense. Rewards cards that offer savings for repeat business are a great way to save a few bucks. Sign up for rewards cards at the places you find yourself frequenting and you’ll save just a little bit more each time you are there.
4. Watch out for Overpriced Truck Stop Stuff
Oftentimes places that provide goods on the road offer lesser quality at higher prices. They offer a service in that the good are convenient but why spend twice as much on the road when there is a Walmart nearby where you can probably get a better item for half the price? Price awareness goes a long way to value purchasing.
5. Use the Web
Get smart and talk with other truckers about where to find the best deals and pick up a few money saving tips along the way. There are a number of social media options for truck drivers that offer money saving tips and trucker information. Who knows, you might even meet a new friend that you’ll see on the road from time to time. The point is, there are ways to save money and don’t be afraid to investigate how to save more.
George Pittman is a professional blogger that provides news and information for truck driving jobs and trucking companies. He writes for Trucker Classifieds, the top source to find trucking jobs and trucking companies.