Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Go Explore

The world is a vast space not only in size, but also in opportunity; as each day dawns we are given the opportunity to chase new dreams and explore new lands. Members of the work force may only consider their world to consist of their work area and their home life. While these two factors do play a part in shaping our environment, the world does not end there. Rather there are plenty of sights, sounds, and cultures to experience just waiting for us to find them. As the longer days of summer roll in, now is the time to get outside and go explore.

Choose a Direction

Once we are outside we will need a direction to start in. Even if the plan is to just get out and see what happens we need to decide what compass direction to start in. Residents in and visitors to Southern Texas and the Texas coastal region have all options open to them so keep an open mind in the beginning.

One factor in choosing the direction in which you start your journey is the purpose of your journey. Are you going to use the time to try and explore while finding out more about yourself? Do you just want time to reconnect with friends or loved ones? These two questions may help you start to chart your course of exploration. As with any journey though keep an open mind and be prepared to handle the unexpected.

Another factor to consider is how rugged do you want your journey to be. In other words are you looking to be pampered or do you mind getting dirty?

Options Abound

Once you choose which cardinal direction you wish to begin your journey in, you will need to be prepared for other decisions. Some you may want to make prior to departure, others you can make or adjust while you are on the road. Options abound as you plan out any excursions along your path. These can be as simple as finding a place to pitch a tent and return to nature or they can be more complex like planning a surprise for someone in your traveling party.

Compasses typically orientate themselves to the north. Explorers looking to get away from the house and head in that direction have plenty of options awaiting them. Nature lovers don’t forget to pack your gear, including a camera with extra batteries as there are hiking trails waiting for you. 

To the west of the area lies the city of McAllen. The short drive between the two will get you away from home, but keep you close enough if work or an unexpected event should arrive.

Traveling east will take you along the coast to Padre Island for a relaxing, fun filled excursion,

Head south, but don’t forget your passport as you will need it to cross the border into Mexico.

Right Vehicle for Your Journey

Once you decide on the type of trip you want to take and which direction you want to head in, it’s time to decide on the vehicle for the occasion. The newest member of the SUV family the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport is a versatile option that can adapt to any situation you need.

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