Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Top 10 Van Customisations

Vans are often used as a business or company vehicle, but they can also be used as a great car for families. They are an excellent choice for people who travel frequently as well as those that carry a lot of things from one place to another.

Vans for many are used simply as a vehicle for business, but for others they can be spruced up or personalised to look sensational. However, as with any major changes made to your car, remember to update your insurance company about any modifications:

10. Customised Seats
While no one can see the upgrade unless they enter the vehicle or peer in the windows, a van with customised seats can really boost the interior design quality of the vehicle. Additionally, replacing and recovering seats promote their longevity.

9. Painted Mirrors
Vans with plastic mirrors can be enhanced with painted mirrors. In general, this is done by removing the mirror first, then applying a layer of automotive paint, and finally three to four coats of clear paint.

8. Tyre Upgrades
This is one of the most expensive upgrades, especially if you will be replacing your old tyres with much larger ones. You have to retune the chassis to use the extra rubber efficiently. Plus, you need a proven combination of wheel and tyre to avoid slowing down the vehicle after the upgrade.

7. Rocker Paint
This is done by spraying a thick coat of primer paint, letting it dry, then applying up to three coats of paint on the panels, and letting it dry.

6. Moulded Dashboard Covers
Add covers that match wood accents inside the van. You can also have moulded door and engine trim to complete the look.

5. Entertainment
Game control centres, rear radio and an iPod station are just among the entertainment customisations you can perform. There are even some vans that are Wi-Fi compatible with satellite systems and even an upgraded sound system. But remember, with expensive equipment on board, check your van insurance policy to ensure it will cover all the features inside your customised van.

4. Fully Furnished Interior >br> Complete the standard features of your van’s interior with refreshment holders, painted interior, door panels, rear air and heat, and even storage cabinets. Bring it up to the next level with plush carpets, LCD monitor, side tables, and custom floor mats.

3. Rat Rods
Go for this customised van design if you think you can imitate or amplify the hot rods from the 30s to the 50s.

2. Street Rods
Make a difference by turning your van into a street rod. These are modified for hustle and even emulate the style of the hot rods, but they combine their looks with custom and modern cars.

1. 70s Craze
Custom van enthusiasts are going crazy over 1970s design. This features bold lines, small side windows and colourful graphics. These characteristics instantly make a simple van on the outside look like a treasure trove on the inside.

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