Thursday, 16 May 2013

Top 5 Cars For Teenagers

Teen drivers! What’s your first association with teen driving? Lack of experience? Lots of energy and finding energy outlets on highways? Careless driving? All of it? Well, if you pick any option you’ll probably be right.

Although some teens are perfect drivers who always follow traffic rules and never get any speeding or parking ticket, still, many of them do lack driving experience. On top of that, choosing the first car for a young pal or a gal may turn into a nightmare. Well, you can give your son or daughter your old car. But will he/she be pleased with it? Young people deserve new things.

So, picking a new car is where you should look at. Which cars? Let’s think it over together.

Chevrolet Sonic

That’s a small nice car! And it does not swallows gallons of gas. Safety is very well thought here - 10 airbags. You would say that nobody needs airbags, but I’d say that you stop claiming it until you got into a first more or less serious car crash. Although the car is small, it’s fun to drive with a 1.4 liter turbo engine. There are no distractions on the dashboard, and it’s cheap - under $15k. Sonic is great looking, economical and safe. What else do you need? Well, it might be somewhat small for tall drivers. Besides, guys may not like drive to school in a small red car. Yet, this is a good choice for a teen girl who has just got her driver’s license. I’d call it Super Sonic.

Ford Fiesta

The brand new Fiesta is gorgeous - 100 hp with 1 liter engine! Isn’t it amazing? Besides, the car has earned Top Safety Pick Award. Fuel economy is its another great advantage, especially taking into account gas prices these days. Even a model with an automatic transmission is fuel efficient. Ford Fiesta is a great car for young people who love music. There are lots of connectivity opportunities and syncing technologies.

Honda Insight

Do you know what kills most teens in the US? Car crashes. Honda is also aware of it. So, Honda Insight has been created to teach teen driver! This is not a joke. The dashboard will offer you go easy on the gas and brakes. Of course, it is fuel efficient. Of course it has all electronic devices to drive and park safely. And this is Honda! I do not think there are people who do not trust this brand. Safety, reasonable price and fuel efficiency is what you get when purchasing Insight.

Hyundai Veloster

I’d call it the car of the future. Hyundai Veloster does look like the car of the future. In fact, it resembles a spaceship. This is a perfect fit for a teen driver since it combines features of a normal and a sportscar. Well, sure you do not get the top speed, but the car has a youth character in it. With a turbocharged version though, driving it is truly enjoyable.

Aleksey has been in the car insurance business for years. He knows pretty well which cars are perfect for teens. You can also ask him for tips on the second hand car market - Used cars Botswana as one of the examples.