Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What You Need To Protect Against For A Great Looking Car

Lazy Sunday afternoons are sometimes spent cleaning our cars or at least giving some money to the kids to do it for you. Washing will remove the dirt and debris that accumulates as you drive along and this will certainly help to make your car look a lot better but there is more you can do to help maintain great looks. One of the issues with keeping a car looking great is that by its very nature it is exposed to dirt, oil and gravel on the roads as well as being exposed to the elements on a daily basis. There are some things in particular that you will need to guard against if you are to keep your car looking at its best.

The Sun

The rays of the sun have a bleaching effect on anything that is exposed for a long period of time and a car’s bodywork is no exception. The paint that is used on a car’s bodywork is well suited to the task and is quite resistant against fading but older cars will still begin to lose their original rich colouring after a while. Keeping your car under cover in a garage will help to a degree but still you will need to drive your car outside for large periods of time so it is inevitable that the sun’s rays will have some effect. One way to help protect your car’s bodywork from the sun is to have your car waxed and most car valeters will be able to do this for you. Not only will the wax help protect your car against fading from the sun; it will also give your car a beautiful deep sheen.

Chips and Scratches

When travelling along at speed on a road it is inevitable that small stones and gravel will be kicked up and hit your bodywork. For the most part they will just bounce of but sometimes they may scratch your car and even the smallest of scratches can look unsightly. Protective coverings such as bonnet bras will guard your paintwork against these chips and scratches, hopefully leaving your bodywork more or less intact. They are inexpensive to buy and could complement your cars existing colour scheme very well.


It’s hard to fathom why but some people will gladly run a key along the side of your car for no particular reason at all. Having these scratches removed will cost you money and if it has happened once in your neighbourhood, there is a reasonable chance it will happen again. Keeping your car in a well-lit place is one way to deter wanton vandalism as well as making it known that your car has an alarm system which will draw attention to anybody doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Having your car in sight of a CCTV system is also quite effective at preventing damage caused by vandalism. Let potential vandals know that causing damage to your car is likely to get them into trouble and they are likely to think again and choose not to instead. 

To keep his car looking as good as possible Jamie Finch protects it as much as he can from damage. He also uses the car valeters Pro Valets to keep his bodywork looking as good as new.