Thursday, 20 June 2013

Halogen Type HID Kits

Why People Ask For Xenon/Halogen Type HID Kits

There are three types of HID bulbs are available in the market, one is called Single Beam, Xenon/Halogen, and Bi-Xenon respectively. HID xenon conversion kits are banned in some countries and if you are having HID lights in your car then there are chances that the cop will come in your way and give you a ticket. In order to avoid getting ticket from cop people ask for Xenon/halogen type of HID light which is Xenon/halogen on high/low. If you find that cop will be available then you can turn on Halogen light to pretend that you have halogen bulb only, but the fact is that you have xenon light as well on high beam.

This is the easiest way to get rid of from police waiting for you to give a ticket. Xenon/halogen HID conversion kit is same as normal hid xenon conversion kit is; there is just the difference in the bulbs.

If you are also having the hid kit ban problem in your country then you can ask for Xenon/halogen kit which is commonly known as H4-2 Bulbs type. please visit website.