Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Car Customization At Extreme Level

Car customization is one of the major activities that take place in the automobile industry, where cars are being modified according to the taste and preference of the car owners. It has been witnessed that most of the time people replaced their car lamps. People mostly replace their halogen lamps with HID xenon kits and they feel that the yellow light is not good looking when they drive on road. HID xenon conversion kits help you in viewing farther than any halogen bulb which is factory installed by the automobile companies. Body kits are also playing major role in customization as people make their car look better by adding more features to their cars and this body kit includes: Side skirts, lower front and back bumper and rear spoiler. Body kit makes a car look like sports car. There are a lot more customization practices sought when we talk about customization for example: Suspension and Acceleration is given boost by adding more heavy pistons and mufflers are added to boost the speed of the car