Tuesday, 11 June 2013

WHY HID Xenon Kits Get Warm?

HID xenon conversion kits use xenon gas which produces a very bright light. When the headlamp produces bright light then it makes your headlamp glass warm when you use it for longer time. HID xenon conversion kits use temperature from 3000K to 30,000K which produces a very high amount of heat if you keep using your headlamp for hours. High intensity discharge lamps are capable of producing light which is 2X brighter than conventional halogen light. HID Manufacturer uses metal halide in a way that it results in higher amount of light output from HID conversion kits with the help of digital ballast. Digital ballasts are available in different types for example you can find ballasts in AC & DC types with different wattages and voltages depending on your need and car’s compatibility.

35W produces and consumes less power than 55W, 7W and 100W respectively. The most common temperature type for HID kits is 4300K, 5000K and 6000K. At 6000K it produces pure white flash light type of light which is most favored by most of the people who prefers to have HID xenon kits.