Thursday, 11 July 2013

Logistics practical experience

Working as a logistics manager is not an easy task. From production till the delivery to the final consumer, logistics plays an important role. During studies, all the knowledge we gain all the things we study in this field is very much different with the personal job experiences. While studying we did not have any practical experience whereas when we start our job than we realize that how we have to utilize our knowledge. Logistics manager have to handle all kind of transportation of goods either to export to other countries or deliver to other cities or the nearest point. And this job is not ever done by any one during their studies therefore handling with light weight vehicles to heavy weight vehicles is his all time job and knowledge and information about automobile will help him to face any kind of mishaps in future. Building good relations in auto industry especially with the semi trailer manufacturers, semi trailers parts manufacturer, semi trucks and there parts manufacturer will help him to work more efficiently and reduces the maintenance and new machine purchasing cost. Other then this job they also have to take care of the loading, and unloading from vehicles and the shipment which is sent to their customers. for more information visit now -