Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Top 10 Stolen Cars in America and How to Protect Them

Before you walk into work each morning or run into the grocery store for that last-minute item, do you think much about the safety of your car? Break-ins happen every day, and you just never know when your vehicle might be the next target.
Fortunately, there are several precautionary measures you can take to deter potential burglars from stealing your car. Here are ways to keep you (rather than someone else) in the driver’s seat of your vehicle.
  1. Always roll up your windows, even if it is hot outside. Leaving them down is an open invitation to a would-be car thief.
  2. Have an alarm system in your car. Doing this discourages most potential thieves from pursuing a break-in any further.
  3. Always lock your car doors, even if you leave the car for only a second. A second is all a thief needs.
  4. Never leave your keys in the ignition or leave them on the front seat so you can easily find them. You likely won’t be the only one doing the “finding.”
  5. Hide your personal belongings rather than keep them on the seat or floor of your vehicle.
  6. Never leave an unattended car running.
  7. Park in a well-lit area, as a break-in can occur more easily in a darkened one.
  8. Never hide a spare key under the car. It’s the first place a thief will look.
  9. Tint your car windows to decrease visibility into the interior of your car.
  10. Purchase some sort of anti-theft device, which may include a steering wheel lock.
While you can’t stop a thief from conducting dirty business, these anti-theft measures will ensure that you are not the next target on the list.
John Carver is a freelance writer for, the #1 online defensive driving course.