Thursday, 1 August 2013

Car Racing Events In Los Angeles

LOS MAS FIEBRUS CAR racing event is going to be held in Puerto Rico on 25th of July, 2013. This is now a tradition in Puerto Rico that this event takes place almost every year. In this event most of the car accessories companies put their sponsors to get visibility in the masses. Thousands of people come annually to see this car rally. It’s one of the unique car racing of its own kind.

Most of the cars used in this event are equipped with HID xenon conversion kits to have better viewing and driving experience. HID xenon kits make car look devilish and got some bold statement on the opponent. Most of the cars have air intakes and proper thermal system to speed up to gain position to win.

This event is best event if you want to see customized cars and their performance on the road. More the speed you get more the nearer to the winning line. Guangzhou Evitek Electronic Co. is the official sponsor of this event as HID kit supplier.