Friday, 23 August 2013

Latest Equipped Android DVD Player

After conquering the phones, tablets and smart phones industry, now the Android is heading to Car Stereo Players. With latest version Android 4.0 is heading for manufacturing DVD players which will definitely take its quality and interface to the next level. You will able to have wide access to internet while on the go and can even watch live streaming videos on the long routes drives with friends.

Now you will never be lost on the road because latest GPS system installed to your Android DVD Player, you can have the update maps of the entire world so you can drive anywhere around the corner you wish to, The advanced GPS system can easily locate almost every renowned location around city, including restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls, cafes, stadiums, hospitals and many other locations. So you just don’t worry about directions and let the GPS guide you to your desired locations. You can even watch movies or listen to new and famous mp3 songs while on the go, so you don’t miss even a single minute to enjoy with your family or friends.

Android car DVD players also manufactures and comes with large touch screen with friendly interface, so you don’t have to read the whole manual just to learn the basics to use such equipment. In today car accessories markets it’s the most hottest product till now, so grab your Android Car DVD Player before prices goes high as it demand is increasing continuously. You can also connect your phones, tablets, or smart phone with DVD this player and can access to YouTube to watch latest movies or Update your Facebook Statuses or can review different locations or search for addresses while on the go.

You can also connect your Rear view camera to your DVD players screen to have rear view more easily. This amazing DVD player will not only leave your friends anticipated but people driving around will also get amazed by your player. So it’s a must buy for everyone, you can even order online and can get exclusive rates.