Thursday, 1 August 2013

Safety Guidelines for the Stone Crushers

Stone crushers and other crushing machines like sand making machines and cone crushers are used for construction purposes and are must to have machinery for the large construction areas and workplaces where construction work is under process. All of these machineries provide many facilities and features that help in great amount at work but with all of this utility one can’t take this fact out of consideration that machines can hurt people in any way and a lot of things should be taken care of before the use of these machines. Stone crushers are widely used and safety guidelines and precautions are needed to be taken care of before using a stone crushing machine.

Following are the safety precautions that a Stone Crusher Supplier should focuses and considers before handing it over the operator of the machine.

1) Most important thing that needs to be taken care of at the very first place is the location area of the construction where the Stone crushing machine will be used. The machine should be sited far away from the places like cities, villages, wild life places, highways and stations, schools and any other sensitive places like hospitals etc. The distance should be well above the 500 meters mark at least.

2) Operator of the stone crushing machinery should be well trained and have great deal of knowledge about the machine before the use of it.

3) Workers around better not wear loose clothes as it may catch up easily into the machinery.

4) Parts of the stone crusher should be checked in specific amount of time.

5) All the parts and equipments of stone crusher should be well maintained.

6) Cleaning of these machines should be done on regular basis as negligence in this may cause harm to the machinery and to its performance.

7) Water tank and filter should be cleaned on weekly basis.

8) Stone crusher supplier and Semi Trailer Manufacturer should provide detailed description and manual about the products and machineries and how they can be used.

9) Machine guards should be installed all over the parts that are moving.

10) A shut down switch for the emergency purposes should be installed to prevent any type of damage.

11) The operator of the vehicle should be well tested and checked before allowing him to operate the machine.

Stone crushers are not eco-friendly and are measure thread to the environment; People around these machines can get sick and get affected health wise if the proper arrangements are not made.