Tuesday, 5 March 2013

BMW Using Xenon Headlights....

As the experiments have proven that there are so many advantages of HIX xenon conversion kits over halogen lamp because it uses noble gas Xenon; noble gas xenon produces brighter light than conventional halogen lamp. Apart from producing brighter light, it also uses less power and gives more life to the lamp.

Xenon headlights are a high-intensity discharge light source for your car. Xenon light bulbs offer a number of advantages over conventional halogen bulbs. These bulbs are easily available in the market as replacement for the halogen bulbs. HID xenon conversion kits include: a pair of bulbs, digital ballasts, and harness cabling. HID xenon kits are provided with the manual that entails how to install hid kits details and safety procedures.

BMW is using HID projector lens in its cars. BMW projector lens provides more focused light and it directs the light straight on the road rather making the oncoming traffic blind. BMW xenon headlights incorporate a projector lens which directs the light beam straight to the road. In addition, automatic height adjustment keeps the headlamp to suit the load the car is currently carrying.

Moreover, BMW now offers xenon light for bi-xenon headlights which have high and low dipped beams.